Wellbeing for Parent & Baby

This 5-week course is as much about the parent as it is about the baby – perhaps with even a little bit more focus on the grown-up’s this time. Wellbeing for Parent & Baby takes this idea a step further: these classes are meant for all parents to feel loved, celebrated and honoured in their nurturing and protecting role as they consciously focus on their own and their baby’s holistic wellbeing.

Each week we will unpick a different aspect of wellbeing to get us thinking about related evidence and research while learning fun, hands-on ways to tap into our and our baby’s wellbeing:

  • Movements & story massage for the growing baby
  • Massage & relaxation techniques for the parent
  • Icebreakers, discussions and wellbeing related topics including sleep and technology

The course is suitable for parents with 3-to-12-month-old babies. There are no prerequisites to taking this course, however, if you have already taken my baby massage course for 1-to-6-month-olds, this series of classes might prove to be the perfect add-on to further hone your massage and self-care skills.

Up-coming courses:
Saturday morning course at Samfélagshúsið – Bólstaðarhlíð 43 starting on 23rd April from 10:30 to 12:00.
Course dates: 14/05, 21/05, 28/05, 11/06, 17/06 – Saturdays at 10:30.

Price: 15.000 ISK (including handouts) – course fee payments are accepted via PayPal or bank transfer. Once you registered, an email with further information about the course will be sent to you including the payment details