Værðardýna is an organic baby mat specifically designed for massage, using raw (washed) Icelandic wool instead of polyester filling. As infant massage is traditionally done on the floor with baby either naked or wearing light clothing that allows freedom of movement, soft Icelandic wool is an especially desirable material in the mat. The Ístex LopiLoft layer in Værðardýna is hypoallergenic, absorbent, it naturally regulates body temperature while it also acts as a purifier for dust and volatile organic compounds. Combined with a cotton covering, Værðardýna represents the idea of sustainability, renewable materials and an environmentally conscious mindset.

We would like to invite all new parents to come and test Værðardýna in the framework of a ca. 80-minute baby massage workshop lead by an IAIM-certified infant massage trainer (me 🙂 . Learn a short stroke sequence to practice with your little one, and experience baby massage brought to the next level by having your tot enjoy it on our comfortable organic massage mats. While the massage shown at the workshop is suitable for babies of up to 1 year of age, the workshop is for parents with little ones between 3-to-11 months. Handouts will be provided to all participants.

About our team and our product
Anna and Lena have both been working with little ones: Anna is a kindergarten teacher with a degree in design. Lena is a baby massage and baby yoga teacher certified by the International Association of Infant Massage. Our friendship and shared enthusiasm for everything wool, mixed with an intuitive knack for the creative in our approach to teaching style and materials lead us to developing the concept of a sustainable, organic mat for tots. This quickly evolved into the Værðardýna Baby Massage Mat Project as finding a non-synthetic mat for the purpose is quite hard to find – most baby massage mats use a polyester filling for cushioning and support.

Værðardýna is a baby massage mat made of organic materials from the LopiLoft filling to the cotton cover and threading. The quilted surface adds cushioning and support for baby whether on their back, enjoying tummy time or sitting up. Værðardýna is light, compact, easy to wash, dry, fold and carry. Moreover, Værðardýna also dubs as a changing and play mat. Importantly, beside producing an organic baby massage mat, our aim is also to inspire fellow designers to use low-quality Icelandic wool that otherwise gets thrown away as “unfit for production.” By finding a use for this type of (washed) untreated Icelandic wool and making it the pillar of our product, we are hoping to add value to a thus far low-rated side-product of local Icelandic wool production.

Come and test Værðardýna at our *free* baby massage workshop in the framework of Hönnunarmars 2022!

Sessions will be held on 08.05.2022 (Sunday) at 10:00 and 12:00 at Samfélagshúsið – Bólstaðarhlíð 43.

Up to 8 carers and their baby per session.