Covid-19 Guidelines | Hands-On Health

As long as we are allowed to gather in small groups, I am intent on running the in-person courses with max. 6 caregivers with their babies in each class. In order to run my business in accordance with social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures, though, please consider that the following measures will be in place:

MASKS – please wear a face mask upon arrival at the venue. It is more likely that you come within 2m of other people as you arrive at the venue and it is important for everyone’s safety that the face mask is worn during this time. You will also be required to wear your mask whenever you are moving around the hall, including visiting the bathroom. Once seated for the class, face masks can be removed. Of course, if you feel more comfortable wearing your face covering throughout the classes, you are absolutely welcome to do so.

HAND SANITIZING – please either wash your hands thoroughly in the venue bathrooms immediately prior to attending my class, or use hand sanitiser that I will supply. Please ensure your baby is placed safely whilst you use the hand sanitiser to minimise the risk of spills.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – I shall place floor markers indicating 1.5-2m gaps between every family.

MATS & CUSHIONS – it is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat, towel and cushion with you to baby massage classes. I will have mats that can be borrowed if you forget and these shall be cleaned thoroughly after use.

NO FACE-TO-FACE ACTIVITIES – All adults must face the same direction in the class; there is to be no face-to-face activity (with the exception of myself facing the class). Before coronavirus (and during the breaks we were blessed with on and off), we’d all sit in a lovely circle but these days you will have to be in a row, which is not ideal for our chats but hopefully we will still manage. 🙂

CLEANING – I am very confident that the venues I will be working in have stringent hygiene procedures in place, including provisions for deep cleaning.

VENTILLATION – I shall ventilate the room (by opening the windows/doors or using the ventilation system) prior to a class and then close them when we begin so that babies are not in a cold draught.

OILS & HANDOUTS – I shall provide these but if you prefer to bring your own oil then please do (I can advise you on what you need) and I also can email handouts if that makes you feel more at ease.

REFRESHMENTS – I am very sorry that I shall not be providing home baking during any of my classes for the time being. Please bring your own water to classes. You are welcome to bring your own snack to eat during the break/discussion section of baby massage classes.

ILLNESS – it is imperative that anyone experiencing any symptoms, or anyone who’s family members experience symptoms, that might indicate COVID-19, or indeed any other infectious disease, stay away from classes. This also applies to myself. Online classes may be appropriate.

CONTACT & TRACE – I request contact details upon booking, firstly so I can contact you to provide details about the classes and secondly, so I have contact information for  I may be requested to provide with your contact details. I shall not use your contact details for any other reasons and I shall not pass your information on to any other organisation, except Venues may require you to sign in on arrival – I will not pass your contact details to the venue team.

  • If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, however mild, please stay at home, contact us and reschedule your appointment for a minimum of 14 days later.
  • Attending your appointment displaying any of the following symptoms will lead to your appointment being cancelled: continuous cough, fever/high temperature (37.8C or higher), loss of/change in sense of smell or taste.
  • The treatment room will be ventilated between clients and if warm enough, during the treatments.
    I put hand sanitisers in each room.
  • Personal protective equipment (e.g. face mask) will be worn by the therapist (me) and the client as well.
  • As an extra precaution I will be changing uniform between each customer and after cleaning and preparing the treatment area for the next customer.
  • I will continue to wash hands before and after treatment as standard.
  • Fresh bedding will continue to be provided for each treatment.
  • For the time being, I will not be providing any services that involve physical contact with the face.
  • Although normally I serve tea after each session, and provide you with water during and after the massage, while Covid-19 regulations are strongly in force, please bring your own water bottle. Thank you!
  • Payments via bank transfer are encouraged to avoid touch-contamination.

Get in touch if you have further queries!