Baby Massage Group Courses

Baby massage is unlike remedial or therapeutic treatments that we are used to as grown-ups. While technique is important and physiological benefits do accrue, the primary goal of infant massage is to build trust and enhance bonding between parent and baby through nurturing touch. For this reason, infant massage is never forced on our little ones – it is something we do together with our baby, instead of to our baby. 

Part of the art is to learn how to read and respect our little one’s cues throughout the massage; how and when to apply various positive touch techniques; and how to enhance bonding further by using our voice, eye contact and movement.

The courses are aimed at 1-to-10-month-old babies), and they last 5 weeks with 1 class (60 to 90 minutes) per week. In the course of the 5 sessions, we gradually add more and more to our knowledge of baby massage techniques (progressing bit by bit, starting from the legs and finishing with the back), building up to the full-body routine in the last class.

The structure is aimed at giving us and our little ones time and space to get the hang of the strokes at baby’s pace while learning about infant cues and behavioural states, colic and crying, new-born reflexes that we can trigger with the massage, and more. The classes are also meant to serve as safe platforms, small hubs of support where parents can interact, exchange ideas and engage in discussions related to class topics.

Upcoming courses:
Tuesday morning course at Fjölskylduland starting on 1st November from 10:00 to 11:30 (address: Dugguvogur 4, 104 RVK)
Course dates: 01/11, 08/11, 15/11, 22/11, 29/11* – Tuesdays at 10:00 in the “Gluggasal”

Price: 29.500 ISK (full price) / 25.000 ISK (with a Fjölskylduland yearly membership card). The price includes the handout, a small bottle of baby massage oil and a certificate upon course completion. Course fee payments to secure your spot are accepted via bank transfer. Once you registered, an email with further information about the course will be sent to you including payment details.

*With winter and the flu season on us, in case you, your baby or I fall ill during the course, class(es) will be automatically rescheduled to continue online either individually, or in a group format.