About Me

Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Léna and I walked various venues of life before I arrived here. Full time, I have been teaching English literature and sociology at ELTE University in Hungary, I have been coordinating international theatre and film events, then I took a detour in tourism as a front-desk agent and group travel coordinator. Currently, my grown-up job consists of admining at a grand IT company. On the side, I have been a translator, editor, tree doctor, yoga teacher, personal assistant, subtitle coder, interpreter and… a massage therapist and teacher! 🌞

I have lived in Hungary, Holland and Iceland so far, and have travelled quite a bit, although the furthest I got so far West-ward was NYC, and East-ward to Chiang Mai. I am not a mom, but I love teaching baby massage to parents, and I am planning to add baby yoga to my repertoire soon.

I have been learning and practicing Thai Yoga Massage since 2017 with the ITM School for Thai Yoga Massage in Amsterdam (Holland) and Chiang Mai (Thailand). After having spent an apprenticeship in Northern Thailand a couple of years back, in 2020 I became a certified Thai Yoga Massage teacher.

I received my certification as Infant Massage Instructor with IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) in the summer of 2021. As I am writing this post, Covid-19 is still rather affecting our lives, so I am looking very much forward to start teaching in-person classes with the autumn after a summer of online courses only.

See you soon! 🌻

Hands-On Health's Team


Currently, it is just me on-board as Heart-and-Soul at Hands-On Health.

“I find practicing Thai Yoga Massage most rewarding in that each treatment helps rebalance the client as much as the therapist. Since this type of bodywork is highly dynamic, both the giver and the receiver profit from the benefits of smooth-flowing stretches, lifts and movements performed in a mindful, almost meditative state. In comparison, teaching parents how to massage their baby is something entirely different, of course – yet it is equally, if not more, enriching! Witnessing the strengthening of the bond between caregiver and little one through nurturing touch is wonderfully fulfilling: as my teacher used to say “being an infant massage instructor is one of the best jobs you will ever have!” She was absolutely right. 🙏🌞