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Infant massage is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your baby while bonding through nurturing touch. Moreover, it also provides numerous benefits: baby massage stimulates the circulatory, digestive, hormonal, nervous and lymphatic system, thus providing relief from tension and stress (physical as well as psychological) while relaxing the body and mind of baby and parent alike through increased levels of calming and bonding hormones.

Suitable for babies aged 1-4 months

A 5-week course in movement, baby massage and yoga for you and your baby to relieve stress, support physical and mental wellbeing and promote relaxation. During the course of 5 sessions, you will learn a range of helpful baby handling techniques along with simple stretch sequences integrated with songs/rhymes for babies. 

Best for babies aged 3-6 months 

On Wednesdays (10:00-11:15) at Fjölskylduland


Thai Yoga Massage Community Classes (1.5hrs) – COMING SOON

Do you love receiving a massage? Do you like to practice Yoga and Meditation? Our community classes in Thai Yoga Massage might just be what you have been looking for.

  • Give and receive a 45-minute-long Thai Yoga Massage
  • Practice yoga and mediation while gaining the benefits of massage
  • Relaxation and stress-release through dynamic, assisted stretches
  • For complete beginners and veteran massage enthusiasts alike
Location and weekly times tba.

Due to injury, Thai Yoga Massage sessions are suspended.
Thai Yoga Massage, or “the lazy man’s yoga” is a combination of dynamic assisted stretches influenced by Thai yoga, hatha yoga, acupressure, reflexology and manipulative therapy. Thai Yoga Massage provides a full-body treatment beginning at the feet and progressing toward the head, working with flowing movements to loosen and stretch the body, thus increasing muscle flexibility and joint range. Thai Yoga Massage also aims at helping the restoration of energy flow in the body by working the so-called Sen energy lines.


Baby Massage Courses

I really appreciate how you went above and beyond to make us all feel welcome and comfortable and to accommodate our individual needs by taking your time to redo some lessons. I learnt way more than l would have expected in such a short period of time. I can see how passionate you are about what you are doing and I am sure you will be even more successful once the classes will be in person. I will make sure to recommend them!

– Alexandra –

Léna is a very patient and flexible teacher. I was glad that we were able to do the course from the comfort of our homes. Léna spoke with a warm and friendly voice, and she got me more interested, the more we learned. She was very organized, professional and regularly gave us updates. I felt the comfort even before the course started when she shipped us advance copies of the handouts with a bonus massage oil.

– Johannie –  

The handouts are awesome and I very much appreciated the small bottle of oil that we received by post with the handouts. Magdaléna is very accommodating to our needs and super flexible. […] It was nice to have small introductions and chats with other mothers during the classes.

– Mervi –

I learned a lot about how my baby is communicating with me, learned to read the signs about how she is enjoying or not the massage. I also learned the best way to do the massage techniques which was very helpful.

– Liliana –

Thai Yoga Massage sessions

I go to Léna for massages regularly to make my muscles happy and I’m incredibly satisfied with her work. The Thai massage routine is excellent to loosen up rigidness in the body and somehow bring back a normal energy flow.

– Martin L. –

It was a very nice and relaxing experience having a Thai massage with Lena. She speaks to you on your needs and gives her best to help you. The place is very clean with good air circulation. Thank you!

– Christy-

Thai Yoga massage is really good in every way. I feel better in my body and I understand my body better. I would recommend it to every one. Thank you so much for this great feeling! 

– Freysteinn –

Massages from Léna have helped me feel more aware and alive in my body, more flexible and capable with my muscles and helped recover time after exercise or sitting at the desk all week. I cannot recommend this combination of body therapy highly enough.

– Jack –

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